Every Showcase will be lived streamed on Mattrix Radio and will feature the top 25 artists from each city. Each performance will be recorded with a live audience and released as a special live compilation of that cities performances. Each performer will also receive 20 tickets (you can sell them & keep 100% of the money, or give them away to your fans), in addition each artist will be featured on a special Mattrix Mixtape compilation with your studio song. 

Artists that already appear on a Mattrix Mixtape compilation will be the first one to receive an offer to secure a Showcase spots, and then the remaining spots will be open to the general artists in that city.

The top performing artists (Artists with the most sales and/or streams for 2017) from the Mattrix Mixtape's will be invited to join the tour for an additional 4 cities on the tour and receive the headlining spot each night. These artists will be featured as the top performer, all expenses paid (Travel, Food, hotel accommodations and will be paid an additional $50 a show to perform on the Showcases. 

Pre-Registration for each city is now open! 

Showcase spots will become available for you to secure exactly 120 days before the date of the showcase.

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