Why We Are Here

The most extraordinary people in the world don't have a career, they have a mission. We are with author and TED speaker Simon Sinek on this one – Artists don't really care what you do, they care why you do it. We constantly remind ourselves of our company mission: to revolutionize the music industry by providing services that will change Artists lives forever! 


We really LOVE personality


The Mattrix team is made up of international talents that were hired firstly for their attitude. While we do put a high value on skills and experience, we believe that – as proven by legendary American author Zig Ziglar (of Born To Win and Better Than Good) in one of his famous company studies – a majority of the attributes that make up the perfect employee are in the attitude category. So our rule of thumb for recruitment? Hire for attitude, train for skill.


Testing the limits


We have all grown up with limiting rules and beliefs to simplify our understanding of the world – everything from people, love, and to the way music industry works. We encourage everyone to question their belief systems and redefine business, life, happiness and success on their own terms, by choosing ideas and values that fulfil them and rejecting the ones that limit them.

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