Mattrix Mixtape Partners with SiriusXM

Mattrix Mixtape now has a direct license agreement with US satellite and web radio service SiriusXM, one of the largest radio services in the US with approximately 30.6 million subscribers.

SiriusXM provides three satellite radio and online radio services: Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, and Sirius XM Radio. The service is subscription only and gives access to over 150 different radio stations, which feature music, news, sports, comedy and talk shows (incl. Howard Stern).

SiriusXM offers four different subscription tiers, ranging from a ‘Mostly Music’ subscription starting at $10,99 USD per month, to an ‘All Access’ subscription, which includes all content as well as Howard Stern’s talk show and the exclusive Dedicated Artist Channels for $19,99 USD per month. SiriusXM is available to listeners via smartphones, satellite radio, tablets, traditional computers, car audio systems and a range of other internet-connected devices.

SiriusXM operates in the US as a ‘DMCA compliant non-interactive radio service’ under the statutory license scheme of the U.S Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. §§ 112 and 114), which is administered by SoundExchange.

Mattrix Mixtape direct license agreement with SiriusXM gives you the opportunity to license your Music directly to SiriusXM and to collect royalties directly from SiriusXM instead of through SoundExchange. Mattrix Mixtape collects both the so-called ‘label share’ and the ‘artist share’ (or ‘performer share’) of the royalties from SiriusXM, which is normally paid by SiriusXM to SoundExchange under the statutory license.

Another advantage of our direct license is that it allows Mattrix Mixtape to build a personal relationship with the various editorial teams.

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